FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

When is my specialist appointment?
When you doctor feels you need to be seen by a specialist he/she must write a letter to the specialist explaining the reasons for the referral. It is then the specialist's office that makes the appointment. This process typically takes 1-2 weeks. If you have not heard from either office regarding your appointment in 2 weeks please call our office to find out what the delay is. When you appointment has been booked one of our staff will call you.

How do I get my lab and radiology reports?

If a patient has an abnormal lab or radiological report our staff make every effort to reach and inform that individual. Patients with normal results are typically not contacted. Our physicians are happy to review your results at anytime and you are welcome to have a copy of any report. The staff are not authorized to release medical information in any form. Remember if a physician has asked you to return to the clinic for a follow-up visit, it is very important that you return for results.

Is my doctor in today and can I make an appointment?

Please refer to the doctors schedule page which is updated monthly. If there are changes that occur they will appear in the news section of the home page. We do our best to maintain this schedule however unforeseen circumstances do occur- illness, emergency call back to the hospital, etc. Unfortunately many people prefer to book appointments. We are happy to announce that some of our doctors are booking appointments. Please call the clinic for confirmation.

I don't have a family doctor and I need a regular physical exam?

To book a regular physical exam please contact Lakeshore Woods to find out which physicians is performing Physical
and book an appointment for this exam.

All the doctors at Lakeshore Woods Medical Clinic work together as a team and should be considered interchangeable.

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