Uninsured Services

As you are aware, essential medical services in Ontario are insured through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).
There are many services however that are not covered by OHIP, which nevertheless consume a considerable amount of time for your physician and the office staff.

It is our office policy to charge patients for these services in accordance with the 2009 Ontario Medical Association guidelines.

Some examples of Uninsured Services:



Sick Note


Driver Medical Exam


Missed Routine Appointment


Missed Complete Physical


Referral Notes


Prescription Renewal without an appointment


TB Skin Test


Travel Vac - Twinrix


Travel Consultation(individual)


Travel Consultation(Family)


Transfer of Medical Records 1 to 5 Pages


Transfer of Medical Records Additional Pages


Cryotherapy Wart Treatment


Office Visit Without OHIP Coverage


Hep Injection


No H/C- Deposit held for 1 Month


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